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Welcome to the home of Online Karate Learning, brought to you by the Zen-Shin family.
From this website you can access our Online Zoom Classes, our online karate course, our syllabus, and all of our other video training material.



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The members area includes access to our Online Zoom Karate Classes.


We have classes 6 days a week, at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. There are sure to be several classes every week to suit your timetable.


Check out our Zoom playlist for a taste of our online experience. Our classes are designed to let you train in the comfort of your own home.


The Zen-Shin Academy is designed to give you the step-by-step process of learning and practicing new techniques in order for you to progress quickly on your Karate journey.


We currently have the first three grades online, which can take about 9 monthhs-1 year to become sufficient at.

The content for each grade is divided into modules. The modules focus on different aspects of our karate training. For example: Terminology, Basics, Kicks, Kata, Kumite, Bunkai.

Each module will have multiple lessons, with practice videos,  quizzes, follow along classes. The aim is to keep you focused on your learning and your goals.

Black Belt Syllabus

Our online videos include our established syllabus, which has been used in our club since 1985. We have produced many black belts, and more importantly, many great karateka with great character.

The syllabus includes the kata, a series of predetermined movements designed to practice techniques, and increase skill.

We have 13 Shotokan Karate kata filmed for our members. That’s all the kata from White belt to Black belt, and beyond.

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